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The Australian Paintball Association (AUPBA) (link to is a not-for-profit organisation that was established to provide Australians with greater information about the paintball industry. To do this they review each member centre using a strict set of criteria.

After going through the results they can issue a 5 Star Rating to a centre that is a clear leader in the industry, one that offers the ultimate paintball adventure and who has the safety of all customers at the forefront of their priorities.

The AUPBA has only issued four 5 Star Ratings throughout all of Australia and we can safely say that Delta Force Paintball in Appin is one of those centres. An achievement we are very proud of to say the least.

Receiving the great achievement of a 5-star rating puts the Delta Force Appin paintball centre in an elite class within the Australian paintball industry. The rating takes into account all facets of paintballing, from customer service and onsite facilities, to the most important area of all… safety.

Delta Force Paintball has made a huge investment into providing all of our customers with state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring your day of paintball action with us is the safest and most comfortable yet.

On your day out at Delta Force you will receive all of the essentials needed for battle… protection goggles, a full-length combat suit, custom-designed body armour and a 400-capacity ammunition holder.

All of our equipment is well maintained and our highly trained marshals check all players’ goggles before entering the fields. After an essential health and safety speech, all players will proceed through to the gun zone where you will collect your weapon for the day – a 0.68 calibre Inferno Paintball machine gun.

On your day out at Appin be sure to take advantage of the natural environment. The landscape enables you to roam the fields unnoticed and provides you with a range of attacking options. Utilise the trenches and thick bush, along with the incredible movie-set props, to your advantage.

From special birthday occasions to youth groups, and corporate events to buck’s/hen’s parties, come and experience all that Delta Force Appin has to offer in terms of amazing game zones, impeccable safety standards and state-of-the-art facilities.

With the best game zones and equipment in the paintballing industry, you can’t go past Delta Force Appin for the ultimate paintball adventure!

Posted in News on 12th July 2013

Last updated 14th February 2020