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Can I bring my own paintball equipment?

You’re free to use your own paintball goggles, combat suits and markers on the day. However due to H & S regulations the markers have to run off Delta Force air bottles. The marshals fill the air bottles to 3000 PSI after each double game (about 30 minutes of action). You will have more than enough gas to get you through the games.
The manager will do a quick check on the marker to make sure they satisfy H & S guidelines, and after that we will chronograph the marker to make sure it’s firing below 300 FPS. They’ll also need to check your firearms licence and from there you are free to use the marker throughout the day.
We operate a strict ‘no guns in the base camp’ policy, however your gun will be safely racked in our gun zone and you’ll be able to do any maintenance in between games if it’s required.
We do NOT allow any customers’ own gas cylinders on site for ANY REASON.

8th January 2014 Delta Force Paintball Sydney