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Delta Force Paintballing Sydney – Appin

For too long Sydney paintball has been suffering with game zones offering no more than pallets, hay bales and old tyres to play between. Tacky props are now a thing of the past. Paintballers have spoken and we’ve delivered a new era of paintball games to enhance the paintball Sydney scene. A massive refurbishment across the centre in late Jan 2014 has elevated our facilities to new heights. Our centrepiece is a full scale Black Hawk helicopter for our players to use during their games, and this is steadfastly supported by other amazing game zone fields complete with props such as a real double decker bus and Egyptian pyramid.

With these elaborate scenarios you are certain to have an amazing experience.

100% Safety Record

The number one priority at Delta Force Paintball is safety. Our safety policy comprises a three-pronged attack. Firstly we only use the best quality equipment. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards and regularly checked, maintained and replaced. Secondly our comprehensive library of procedures followed by the team. And lastly the extensive training our teams undertake. It all contributes towards providing you with a premium paintballing experience.

Sydney Paintball’s Premier Facility

Located in the thick Australian bush only 10 minutes from Campbelltown in Sydney’s south-west, our Delta Force Paintball centre in Appin is easily accessible and offers all customers the very best in Sydney Paintball entertainment. Every player receives the very best equipment in the industry, creating a day that not only suits young and old, male or female, but creates a day to remember.