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Delta Force Paintball takes your safety seriously, and there is no piece of equipment more important than the goggles. All Delta Force centres stock the US-Spec Full Head Goggle Protection System.With this goggle system your face and head are completely protected against the impact of paintballs – allowing you to enjoy your day in greater comfort and safety than ever before.

These well-ventilated goggles come complete with anti-fog lenses ensuring you’ll always have perfect visibility in the heat of battle. Complete with the unique padded collar on the full-length overalls, all players are completely protected from potentially dangerous and painful headshots.

Delta Force has invested heavily into this goggle system. Most other paintball operators have not yet switched over to these safer and more comfortable goggles, and still use the old-fashioned goggles that provide no cover to the top and back of the head.

If safety is your concern then you can rest assured that your group will be well looked after. Delta Force Paintball has a 100% safety record and an enviable reputation amongst other paintball centres.

With a minimum paintballing age of 16 years at Delta Force Appin these one-size fits all goggles come complete with a chinstrap, ensuring they fit securely onto the head of all players.

Before entering the game zone the goggles of all players will be touch-tested by a marshal. This ensures that the goggles are appropriately fitted and secured, thus removing the risk of potential injury.

For the safest and most comfortable paintballing adventure, play with Delta Force.

Round up the troops and contact us today on 1300 785 766.

Posted in News on 21st November 2013

Last updated 14th February 2020