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When you arrive at the paintball centre you will be equipped with all of the essentials needed for battle… full-head protection goggles, a full-length combat suit, custom-designed body armour and a 400-capacity ammunition holder.As you transform yourself from a civilian to a commando you are that much closer to getting the piece of equipment you came for. The 0.68 calibre Inferno Paintball machine gun is what you have your eye on, which offers unbelievable accuracy and firepower.

After you listen to the essential health and safety speech, your highly enthusiastic team will proceed through to the gun zone where you will be issued with the lightweight and easy to use gun from one of our highly trained gunsmiths.

To get your eye in you fire off a few rounds at our special ops shooting range. Once you have your aim steady and goggles secured you are ready for the action to begin!

There are two differing styles on how to use the gun. The first of which we like to call the Rambo style. These types of players will shoot anything that moves and have never heard of the words ‘in moderation’. You usually want one of these players on your team, as their never-say-die attitude will usually put you in a winning position.

The next style of play is the Lone Ranger. This type of player goes about their own business without mentioning anything to their teammates. Although they do not follow orders, their one-shot one-kill mentality may be what leads your team to victory.

Whatever your style of play, you will have an action-packed paintball adventure with our Inferno paintball gun. They are extremely reliable during battle ensuring you never get caught out in the heat of the moment.

Combine this incredible piece of equipment with our amazing movie-set game zones and you have the ultimate paintball adventure!

For memories that will last long after the event, play with Delta Force Paintball.

Round up the troops and contact us today on 1300 785 766.

Posted in News on 13th July 2013

Last updated 14th February 2020