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Who do you think out of your mates is the ultimate paintballer? Who has that ability to scope out the opposition, go behind enemy lines undetected and then wipe them out before they even know what’s happening?Every week we see people come through our doors looking to settle the score with their mates. There is nothing quite like it… roaming the bush with your best mates, decked out in camouflage overalls with a 0.68 calibre paintball machine gun in your hand searching for the enemy.

You’ve seen it in the movies but want to experience it for yourself? Well Delta Force Appin can make this happen! We have the best skirmish game zones in Australia and guarantee that a session of paintball action with us will get the adrenaline pumping.

Located near Campbelltown, south-west Sydney, our extremely impressive outdoor paintball centre will cater to your every need. Set in lush Australian bush, the Delta Force construction team had a field day in creating a paintball centre that has revolutionised the paintball industry.

Our movie-set game zones are new to Australia after having experienced great customer satisfaction throughout Europe. Try your luck at Tropic Thunder, where you need to break into a Vietnamese village, find your friend and then escape from the local warring villagers.

London After the Apocalypse offers a challenge to players of all abilities. With a red double-decker bus in the middle, your team needs to capture the bus and defend from those who have been ‘infected’.

These are just some of the movie-set game zones you will encounter on your session of paintball action at Appin.

For your days adventure you will be issued with a 0.68 calibre Inferno Paintball machine gun. You can let off a few rounds before hitting the game zones at our top-secret shooting range, ensuring you get your eye in for the mission ahead.

From special birthday occasions to youth groups, and corporate events to buck’s/hen’s parties, come and experience all that Delta Force Appin has to offer in terms of amazing game zones, impeccable safety standards and state-of-the-art facilities.

You haven’t experienced paintballing at it’s very best unless you’ve played at Delta Force. With a 5-star rating from the Australian Paintball Association, Delta Force Appin is primed and ready to entertain you and your mates to a paintball adventure of a lifetime.

Contact us today on 1300 785 766 and book your next paintball adventure with Sydney’s number 1 paintball centre.

Posted in News on 12th July 2013

Last updated 7th January 2021