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Paintball birthday parties

Delta Force Paintball in Sydney is the perfect setting for all birthday parties. No matter how large or small your birthday group, we’re sure you’ll all have a truly memorable experience. Over the last 20 years, Delta Force has organised thousands of unforgettable birthday parties. With the following 3 unique Delta Force party invitations available for download so you can print them and present to your friends, and a plethora of distinct games to single out the lucky birthday person, it’ll be the most fun and talked about birthday party of the year.

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For the ultimate birthday party, why not bring a cake along and have it during the lunchtime break. Our base camp has all of the amenities you’ll need including picnic tables where you can setup for the day. Your safety is our primary concern. Delta Force Paintball has a 100% safety record and in addition to entertaining you and your family we also want to ensure that everyone has a safe day out. We have invested heavily into our equipment and our safety standards are second to none. A day out with us will be the most enjoyable and safest paintball experience to date. Our friendly staff want to make sure you have a day to remember.

On arrival point out the birthday person to our staff and they will ensure they receive some ‘special treatment’ throughout the day. Certain games need a select individual to be the highlight of the mission i.e. Protect the President. Will you protect the President as he/she storms the bus, or will you light them up like a Christmas tree? Whatever you decide, you are guaranteed to have a day full of fun and laughter with the best paintball centre in Sydney! So contact us today and get your friends ready for an action-packed Delta Force Paintball birthday party!