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Youth Groups at Delta Force Paintball

Paintball is the perfect activity for your youth group! It is a day experience that’s fun and exciting for everyone involved. No previous experience is required as all players are on a level footing when out on the battle field.

Booking with Delta Force Paintball is an extremely popular day-out. Watch their faces light up as you tell them they’re going on a paintball adventure with the world leader in paintball entertainment.

With over two decades of experience in the paintball industry, you can rest assured that we have what it takes for your ultimate day out. Our paintball centre is located only 10 minutes from Campbelltown and there is parking available for coaches.

Delta Force has a 100% safety record and we have invested heavily to ensure all guests at our Sydney paintball centre have a safe dayday out (without compromising on the fun factor).

We have received a 5 star rating from the Australasian Paintball Association (AUPBA) and our safety policies are strictly enforced. Our staff are highly trained and want to ensure all our customers have a safe and enjoyable adventure at Delta Force.

All players will start and finish their sessions in our base camp. Complete with picnic tables and a kiosk to purchase food and drink, it is the perfect spot to talk tactics and replenish hunger and thirst for the games ahead. For those not taking part in the days activities it is also a great spot to welcome the troops back from battle.

The kiosk is also where you can purchase your additional paintball supplies.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Delta Force today and get your youth group ready for what will be the highlight of the year!


  • Delta Force Paintballing
    A Full SESSION of Action Reward

    • Action-packed games
    • A large selection of movie-set quality paintball game zones
    • Full head protection incorporating an anti-mist goggle system
    • Full body protection – body armour – free for all players
    • Full neck protection – combat suit with high padded collar
    • Custom designed special-forces combat suit
    • Latest USA-spec rapid-fire paintball marker
    • Hip-mounted 400-shot capacity ammo magazine (to safely carry your paintballs)
    • Tuition and supervision by friendly Delta Force marshalling staff
    • Unlimited propellant
    • Comprehensive public liability insurance
    • Safe, friendly and professional service
    Terms & Conditions Apply.
  • Delta Force Paintballing
    YOUNG GUNZ 500

    • 500 paintballs
    • Admission for a session
    • Equipment rental for a session
    • Air for a session
  • Delta Force Paintballing
    YOUNG GUNZ 700

    • 700 paintballs
    • Admission for a session
    • Equipment rental for a session
    • Air for a session
  • Delta Force Paintballing
    YOUNG GUNZ 900

    • 900 paintballs
    • Admission for a session
    • Equipment rental for a session
    • Air for a session
    • Gloves & Groin guard
  • Delta Force Paintballing

    • 100 Paintballs when purchasing in 2000 bulk box
  • Delta Force Paintballing

    • 2000 paintballs
  • Delta Force Paintballing MORNING SESSION
    • Start time: 10:00
    • End time: 13:00
  • Delta Force Paintballing AFTERNOON SESSION
    • Start time: 13:30
    • End time: 16:30

* To qualify for group upgrade options all players in your group must pre-purchase one of the above group upgrade options.