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The game scenarios at Appin are some of the best in the country, however entering the fields without an effective strategy could mean your team are sitting ducks and will most likely be on the receiving end of a barrage of paintballs.There are many things that you and your team can do before the start of a paintball game to greatly increase your chances of winning. It’s important to have a battle plan before a game starts and here are some handy tactics that can help you put together an effective battle strategy:

Walk the field: On your way to the starting point, take a moment to survey the game zone and try to pin point areas of tactical importance, routes to take that provide plenty of cover and bunkers that you can retreat to if need be. As you’re walking through the game zone ask yourself which position will you take first and where do you think the enemy will likely go? If everyone in your team does some mental preparation and shares their opinions with the rest of the team then you will stand a much better chance of winning.

Plan who will be doing what: Think of it in terms of rugby positions; Forwards, defenders, wingers etc. then democratically decide which position everyone should take based on their strengths.

Communication with your team: If you’re going to be using any hand signals or specialist words in the game, discuss them before the whistle blows or it may lead to some confusion.

Safety checks: Possibly the most important precaution to take before the start of a paintball game. No Delta Force Paintball centre in the country allows players into the games without their goggles being properly fastened but it’s always a good idea to double check that your fastenings are secured, the lid on your hopper is shut properly, your battlepack is strapped on tightly and the safety switch on your marker is on right until the game starts. It’s always best to be over-prepared than not prepared at all.

If you bear all this in mind before the start of a game then you and your team stand a much greater chance of winning.

So start prepping the entourage, get your hand signals in order and book a paintball adventure today by calling us on 1300 785 766.

and organise your next day of paintball adventure.

Posted in News on 12th July 2013

Last updated 14th February 2020