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You believe in the cause. You spend every waking moment during training toughening your resolve, turning your thoughts to steel and your body into a weapon unto itself. And then reality hits like the shock of ice water. They are issuing your combat kit and ammo. The rotor blades of your ride to destiny are pounding the rhythm of fear right into your heart. It won’t be long now and you’ll be facing the enemy. Fighting over some god damned piece of worthless dirt with just some number on a forgotten map for a name.

In the trenches, when all hell is raining down, you learn the real value of mate ship, and the real price of your own spirit.
Yet, in an instant, you’d sell your soul and every friend you have for more ammo and a bigger gun.

When your feet hit the ground, and the bullets start flying, any excuse you ever had vanishes in the smoke and the smell of fear.
It’s right now… in this very moment in time… you’ll discover who you really are…

 Black Hawk Down Paintball  at Delta Force play today!


Posted in News on 27th October 2014

Last updated 31st October 2017