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Full Head Protection – Paintball Masks

During your day of action the single most important piece of specialist paintball equipment you will be issued with is your paintball masks – goggles. That’s why Delta Force is proud to provide only the very best in paintball goggle technology to all players as standard issue. Incorporating the latest US-spec technology, these goggles offer full head protection, picture-perfect vision through an anti-fog lens unit and complete comfort and safety throughout your day.

For over two decades Delta Force has pioneered the way in top of the range goggle systems. We believe it’s absolutely vital that players are given the opportunity to wear a goggle system that incorporates full head coverage rather than just face protection that is found at most other paintball operators. We’re not willing to compromise on your comfort and safety throughout your paintball experience – your wellbeing is our primary focus.

When organising your next paintball adventure be sure to ask what style of paintball goggles you’ll be issued with. If you’re not guaranteed full head protection then consider whether you’re happy to trust a provider that is willing to compromise on your own personal safety.

Delta Force has gone to great lengths to ensure your paintball event is jam packed with excitement, and when combined with our full length combats suit and body armour we’ll have you feeling like Rambo out in the heat of battle.

FAQs on goggles:

Q: Why doesn’t every paintball operator use these goggles?

A: They cost four times as much as the old-fashioned goggles; many small operators simply cannot afford to make the investment.

Q: Why are full head goggle systems particularly important for young players?
A: The goggles have a ‘top’ to them, meaning that the goggles cannot possibly ‘slip-down’ (with an inferior goggle system this is always a remote possibility amongst persons with smaller ‘hat’ sizes).  The chinstrap equally prevents the goggles from being lifted accidentally.

Q: Aren’t full head goggle systems going to make me hot?
A: The ‘helmets’ are made of hard plastic plates – each plate is fully articulated and equipped with the maximum possible number of ventilation ports.  The goggles are no ‘hotter’ in use than the old-fashioned versions.

Q: Do they steam-up?
A: The goggles are exceptionally well ventilated and factory-equipped with proprietary ‘anti-fog’ lenses.  The goggles seldom ‘steam-up’ and if they do we have a demist solution available (free of charge) in the base camp.